About GetCars

Who We Are

Getcars is the in-house car rental, sales, and leasing dealership of the NuRide family of companies, which operates a large share of the ground transportation industry in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We provide black and green cars to FHV drivers who need a low-cost, low-risk TLC rental so they can generate income and be their own boss. GetCars has contracts with ride-sharing companies Uber, Lyft, Gett and Better Ride, giving drivers a direct link to the tools they need.

Our “Drivers First” Policy

As a driver, you’re aware of how much you need to earn each week in order to make a living. GetCars was founded by drivers and operators, which means we understand your needs. That’s why our TLC rental costs are not only low, but cover most of the costs and maintenance that are the biggest pain points for drivers. Our unique perspective from all angles of the transportation industry tells you that when we say drivers comes first – we mean it.

Backed by Industry Leaders

GetCars has established itself as an industry leader in the TLC rental market by utilizing the extensive experience of its management, made up of influencers who have been drawn from the transportation services industry. The members of this team have done it all – from driving, to dispatching, to starting and operating corporate black car, green cab, and various other FHV transportation businesses. With such a wide scope of experience, it’s no wonder GetCars has positioned itself as one of the most successful providers of TLC car rentals and sales in New York City.