Driving with GetCars

How to Become a GetCars Driver

In one day, you can go from applying to driving with GetCars. We work to make the process as simple as possible so that you can start earning money quickly and responsibly. During the application process, you’ll be asked to provide some documents, complete a test drive with a GetCars rep, and make your initial rental payment. Drivers must have experience driving in New York City and a valid driver’s license.

The NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission

The Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) is a regulator of most private transportation services in New York City. To ensure a commendable level of service and safety, the TLC requires that drivers who work within its influence are licensed and adhere to their rules and regulations. They also perform routine inspections of all TLC vehicles, which must be outfitted to specific standards and with certain additions to properly conform to the requirements of services performed by the vehicles and drivers.

Ride-Sharing Partners

The market for driving services has completely shifted in the past decade. Companies like Uber, Lyft, Via and Better Ride have opened the door for virtually anyone with a license to earn money as a driver. The flexibility they provide is a perfect fit for anyone with a job, a family, or who simply wants to make their own hours as they go. GetCars works with these companies to provide drivers who have a TLC license the means to earn for themselves, while protected and cared for by us.

Our “Drivers First” Policy

As a driver, you’re aware of how much you need to earn each week in order to make a living. GetCars was founded by drivers and operators, which means we understand your needs. That’s why our TLC rental costs are not only low, but cover most of the costs and maintenance that are the biggest pain points for drivers. Our unique perspective from all angles of the transportation industry tells you that when we say drivers comes first – we mean it.